About MSCG

The Master of Science Program in Corporate Governance: Executive Program, or the MSCG Program, was established in 2006. The program is designed to help internal auditors and managers, at all levels of an organization, enhance their knowledge of corporate governance practices, plus enhance their skills in the auditing and internal control fields. Skills in these two fields are necessary for professional success in the auditing and internal control functions. With enhanced knowledge, students will improve their individual abilities and the capabilities of their organizations with respect to good corporate governance practices.


Why is this program interesting?

The ongoing drumbeat of corporate scandals and ethical lapses by managers has made corporate governance an important issue to many. Interest in the topic is not confined to the ranks of managers. More and more stakeholders, who come in contact with both public and private organisations, are making known their expectation that organizations must be good corporate citizens. The rise to prominence of international standards for governance and financial reporting has also highlighted the importance of control functions like auditing and risk management, and highlighted the benefits stemming from good internal control systems.

The MSCG Program provides to learners sound knowledge and a greater understanding of the audit process, plus the risk management function, and internal control systems. With good knowledge and skills, students can enhance transparency and reliability of their organisations based on internationally-recognized principles and practices of good corporate governance.


Who are the target students?

  1. Internal auditors
  2. Company secretaries
  3. Investor relations officers
  4. Compliance executives
  5. Risk management executives
  6. Executives concerned with corporate governance issues


What are the intended outcomes of the program?

  1. Enhanced knowledge of management practices, corporate governance principles and practices, and auditing and internal control practices.
  2. Prepare those who would like to pursue a professional certification, for example the Certified Internal Auditor (CIA) designation, for the certification exams.
  3. Earn a certificate from The Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA) upon graduation from the Master of Science Program in Corporate Governance.
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